Impacted teeth

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The whole time was made so easy and pleasant. The help and attention I had help things go wonderfully. Mr Elledge and his team should have a gold star.
Patient satisfaction survey, Solihull Hospital 2019

I regularly undertake day surgery lists for the removal of impacted teeth (including the removal of wisdom teeth) as part of my NHS role and am also involved in the training and supervision of higher trainees in both my parent specialty and Oral Surgery. I also undertake open and closed exposure of unerupted or buried teeth as part of agreed treatment plans in conjunction with colleagues in orthodontics. This is a technique whereby crowded or unerupted teeth can be "guided" into the dental arch. I have operated on over 300 patients for third molar surgery and have a 0% permanent numbness rate. In addition, I have performed in excess of 1,000 oral surgery procedures covering dental extractions, repair of oro-antral fistulae, exposure of teeth and third molar removal.