Maxillofacial trauma

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I was more than completely satisfied with the surgery and reconstruction.
Patient satisfaction survey, Solihull Hospital, 2019

In my NHS role, I work in a Major Trauma Centre and am well placed to deal with the full remit of maxillofacial trauma, having been involved in over 500 cases to date. As part of a busy on call, I am often involved in decision-making and operating on facial fractures. I am well placed to understand the nuances of post-traumatic deformity management as well, in restoring form and function to patients who have suffered injuries. In addition I have used my transferable skills to provide reconstruction of orbital defects following endoscopically removed paranasal osteomas in my NHS practice in the recent past.

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Bespoke orbital implant placed with stereotactic navigation assistance via endoscopically assisted minimal access approach.